Rainbow Six


Please note the following requirements before purchasing: UEFI mode, Secure Boot disabled, Windows >1909 and <= 22H2.

Introducing Lethal, the game-changing cheat engineered specifically for Rainbow Six Siege. Compatible with the latest Windows 10 and 11, Lethal is your key to elevated gameplay.

Enhance your precision with the Aimbot feature, offering various customizable methods like Silent and Angles, target bone selection, and advanced visible checks. You can even prioritize your bone scans between head or chest.

With Player ESP, stay one step ahead of your opponents. Gain vital data including box ESP, skeleton, distance, nametag, and reloading indicators.

The World ESP feature keeps you in control of the battlefield, displaying grenades, smokes, stuns, and traps. To further boost your situational awareness, the 2D Radar provides an on-screen display of players, bots, and drones.

Designed to ensure no impact on your system's performance, Lethal supports fullscreen gameplay. It's also stream-proof, offering a seamless streaming experience.

Key safety features include an Auto Save Config that retains your personalized settings, and a HWID Spoofer protecting you from hardware bans by masking your hardware ID.

Transform your Rainbow Six Siege experience with Lethal today.

Feature List


  • Methods (Silent, Angles)
  • Target bone selection
  • Bone scan (head priority / chest priority)
  • Distance limiter
  • Advanced smoothing
  • Shift head
  • Limit FOV
  • Draw FOV
  • Target drones
  • Draw target marker
  • Advanced visible check (per bone visible checks)

Player ESP

  • Box ESP (bounding & static)
  • Skeleton
  • Distance
  • Nametag
  • Reloading indicator
  • Line
  • Health bar
  • Head dot
  • Team check
  • Visible check (per bone highlights)

World ESP

  • Display grenades
  • Display smokes
  • Display stuns
  • Display drones
  • Display traps
  • + much more

2D Radar

  • Style selection
  • Display players
  • Display bots
  • Display drones

Weapon Modifications

  • Remove weapon recoil
  • Remove weapon spread
  • Instant reload animation

Additional Features

  • Internal (no performance impact & fullscreen support)
  • Stream Proof
  • Auto save config
  • HWID Spoofer