One of the most recognizable mod menus on the market, the Stand mod menu for GTA V is a very high-end mod menu with features that have never been seen before and offer an unparalleled experience. Stand is ideal because it has all the features you may possibly need.

Stand is well-known for its incredible stability and performance in the game, customisation to your own specifications, advanced security features that ensure you will never be attacked by a modder, its highly polished interface, ease of installation, and translation into all languages. Additionally, Stand is renowned for having the best co-loading compatibility because it allows you to load the mod menu and any other simultaneously.

Stand is different from other menus in that it is extremely well-polished, free of bugs and crashes, and it offers uncommon and unheard-of features like Watchdog-style world modification, in-game augmented reality, and a web interface that enables you to use Stand from your web browser or even your smartphone. Additionally, Stand supports ASI Mods and LUA Scripts, enabling an infinite amount of functions.


There are three different versions of Stand, this table shows the different features that each package offers


  • Rockstar ID Tools
  • Skip Prologue
  • Unlock All Achievements
Story Mode Only
  • AR Notifications
  • Watch_Dogs-Like World Hacking
  • Remote Control
  • Bone ESP


  • Everything from Basic
  • Session: Thunder Weather
  • Breakup & Confusion Kicks
  • Host Kick & Desync Karma
  • World Editor
  • Player Magnet
  • Hide Session
  • Player Bar
  • Bone & Name ESP
  • Paste In Chat Message
  • Web Interface
  • Become Script Host


  • Everything from Regular
  • Session Browser
  • Session Scripts Manager
  • Mugger Loop
  • Full Session Spoofing
  • Track Players
  • Block All Joins
  • Block Spoofing
  • Crash Reaction
  • Chat Spammer