Apex Legends


Introducing North: Apex Legends, the innovative game cheat system engineered to redefine your gaming experience. This tool is a catalyst, breaking down barriers and catapulting both casual and competitive Apex Legends players to unprecedented heights. Whether you're taking your first leap into the realm or are a seasoned warrior, North is designed to enhance and enrich every moment of your gameplay.

Embark on your journey with Super Glide, which guarantees swift and seamless map navigation. The Freecam feature unfolds the full panorama of the gaming arena before your eyes, empowering you with a 360-degree view to strategize and conquer. Take a step back from the immersive first-person perspective with our Third Person feature, enhancing spatial awareness and your understanding of the battlefield.

The Skin Changer tool introduces an exciting twist, letting you customize your character's appearance in real time, adding a unique personal flavor to your gameplay. Zoom takes the guesswork out of enemy engagement, sharpening your visual precision across all distances. Phase Visible is your perfect counter to stealth, ensuring you're never caught off guard by phasing or cloaking enemies.

Our Triggerbot feature turns every shot into a potential victory, auto-locking on your enemies and significantly reducing missed shots. The Auto Reload feature equips you with an uninterrupted combat experience, automatically reloading your weapon so you can stay focused on your strategy. The Force Auto capability revolutionizes weapon handling, automatically switching all weapons to full-auto mode, thus maximizing your firepower.

Recoil Control brings unparalleled stability to your gameplay, minimizing gun recoil for unerring accuracy. North also offers the Disable Fog feature, which perfects your visibility by clearing atmospheric effects that can hinder your view. Lastly, the Glow feature is your guide in the shadows, highlighting enemies and items even in the most obscure corners.

North: Apex Legends is specifically developed for Windows 10 version 1909 and above. Your PC must be in UEFI mode.