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How to Hack Money in GTA Online

Published at 9/9/22, 5:46 PM

It is hard and time consuming to earn money in GTA Online because the game is designed to be difficult. There are many missions that must be completed in order to earn money, and these missions are often difficult to complete. In addition, the game economy is such that earning money takes time, and it is often necessary to save up money in order to purchase expensive items. You can spend a lot of time earning money in GTA Online, but it will often be difficult to earn enough money to purchase everything you want. So some players turn to cheats and hacks in order to get money more easily.

Here is how you can do the same with the Ignite Mod Menu for GTA V, one of the safest and most popular hacks. It has the best money cheats for GTA Online that can help you get millions in a matter of seconds without getting banned.

Unlock all and Money Hack with Utopia

With the Utopia Mod Menu you can add 6 million GTA$ per second, all that is required is a Tuners Workshop. To get the Tuners Workshop visit the Maze Bank Foreclosures website in-game, the properties are quite expensive so you will need at least 1.6 million GTA$ to get started. A well worth investment!

Buying the Tuners Auto Shop

Once you have gotten the Tuners Workshop you can start adding as much money as you want, you will become a millionaire in no time. Time to get those expensive cars and houses!

Some tips on not getting banned

While the Utopia Cheat has a very low ban rate, abusing money options will likely get you banned. The official advice from the Utopia staff is to only add 30 million GTA$ per day. If you want some more general advice on staying safe in GTA Online, check out our Tips on Not Getting Banned.

Alternative for advanced users

If you are an experienced modder that has been playing GTA for years you might want to check out the North Mod Menu, while it does not explicitly have a built in money hack, it does have a unique features called "Network Transaction Manager" which lets you record, edit and replay transactions including loading money transactions from a JSON file.

With the transaction manager you can in theory add unlimited money, you can find a JSON file with a few transactions in their Discord server. These transactions include:

  • 15 million with an 8 minute cooldown (Heist)
  • 180k with no cooldown (Job Earn)
  • 10k unlimited (Player Bounty)
  • 50k unlimited (Los Santos Car Meet)
  • and many more!

If you enjoyed this article, please consider checking out our shop and pick up one of these or some other menu. You can also read our article on how to access mod menus in GTA Online.