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The Top 10 Best Investments in GTA Online

Published at 7/1/23, 3:25 PM

In Grand Theft Auto Online, making money can be a challenge if you don't invest in the right things. As a seasoned player who has made hundreds of millions of dollars, I've compiled a list of the top 10 investments that have helped me achieve financial success in the game. From essential vehicles to lucrative businesses, these investments are sure to boost your in-game wealth and make your GTA experience more enjoyable.

Armored Kuruma

Starting off our list is the armored Kuruma. This vehicle is a game-changer, making contact missions and heist setups a breeze. While it may not protect you in free mode, it excels in combat against AI enemies. Priced at under $600,000, it's an affordable investment that every player should consider.

Personal Quarters

Adding personal quarters to every business you own may not seem like a priority, but it can save you valuable time. By spawning at locations with personal quarters, you can easily fast travel across the map, especially on current-gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X. The time saved translates to more money-making opportunities and is well worth the investment.

Hakuchou Drag

Racing enthusiasts will appreciate the Hakuchou Drag, the fastest bike in the game. While its base cost is around $1 million, the high-speed wheel upgrade is an additional $1.45 million. However, the investment is justified by its efficiency in completing hsw time trials, which reward players with $250,000 each week. This bike offers a quick and easy way to make millions in just a few minutes of gameplay.

Acid Lab

The Acid Lab is one of the best passive businesses in the game. Its initial cost is $750,000, with an additional $250,000 for the equipment upgrade. With the upgrade in place, the lab produces over $85,000 worth of product per hour. Additionally, you can boost production speed once a day, doubling output for half an hour. This business can easily generate $500,000 every few days, making it a profitable investment.

Sparrow Helicopter

For money grinders, the Sparrow Helicopter is a must-have. By owning the Cassatka, you can purchase the Sparrow for $1.815 million. This helicopter is not only one of the fastest in the game but also a service vehicle. You can spawn it anytime and anywhere, providing easy access to missions and contracts. Its convenience and speed make it an invaluable asset for efficient money-making.

Auto Shop

The Auto Shop may be underrated, but it offers more than meets the eye. While the customer vehicles can generate $20,000 to $40,000 per hour, the real money comes from the auto shop contracts. Completing these contracts, which often pay $180,000, can increase to $900,000 during special events. With the potential to earn millions in a week, the auto shop is an investment worth considering.

Oppressor Mark II

Controversial as it may be, the Oppressor Mark II remains one of the best investments for grinders. Its ability to spawn next to the player and maneuver in tight spaces makes it highly effective in completing missions and setups quickly. While it may not be the best for long-distance travel, its versatility and efficiency make it a valuable asset for any grinder.


The nightclub is the best passive business in the game. With an approximate income of $50,000 every 48 minutes from the safe alone, the nightclub offers a steady stream of income. Combining this with the profits from the underground warehouse, which can generate over $50,000 per hour, players can make well over $100,000 hourly. Furthermore, the nightclub's amenities, such as an armory and vehicle workshop, make it a cool property to own.

The Agency

The Agency offers numerous money-making opportunities. The main highlight is the Agency contracts, which reward players with $1 million per completion. These contracts, coupled with payphone heists and security contracts, allow for substantial earnings. In addition, the Agency provides an armory and vehicle workshop, offering convenience and customization options. This all-round investment is worth every penny.

Kosatka Submarine

Claiming the top spot is the Kosatka Submarine, primarily due to the Cayo Perico Heist it enables. This heist pays between $1.3 million to $1.6 million and remains the most profitable venture in the game. Despite recent nerfs, the heist is still highly lucrative and the best way to make money, especially for solo players. The Kosatka Submarine is an essential tool for any player looking to accumulate wealth in GTA Online.


Investing in these top 10 assets will significantly enhance your financial success in GTA Online. From armored vehicles to passive businesses and lucrative heists, these investments offer the easiest and most efficient ways to make money in the game. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, these options are worth considering to amass a fortune in Grand Theft Auto Online. Happy investing and may your virtual bank account flourish!