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Stand: Common Questions Answered

Published at 11/17/22, 8:07 AM

Stand is best known for its exceptional performance and stability in the game, adaptability to your specific needs, state-of-the-art security features that ensure you will never be attacked by a modder, its highly polished interface, simplicity of installation, and translation into all languages. Additionally, Stand is renowned for having the best co-loading compatibility because it enables you to load the mod menu and any other at the same time. In this article, we will answer some of the most common questions about the Stand mod menu for GTA 5.

How do I install Stand Mod Menu?

After purchasing and redeeming your license, simply download and run the launcher and press the 'Inject' button. Keep your activation code in the clipboard for easy activation.

How do I update Stand?

The Stand Launchpad always downloads the latest version available, there is no need to manually download any update. Everything is automatic and handled for you.

How do I get support for Stand?

There are a few ways to get support for the Stand mod menu;

  • Join the Stand discord, after redeeming your license you can join the discord via linking your account on the account page.
  • Ask your reseller, here at Divine we offer you top-tier support, you can contact us via Discord, E-mail or the live chat.

Where do I get a Stand license?

You can purchase a Stand license from an official reseller such as DivineMods. You will receive your license key instantly via e-mail.

Does Stand support controller input?

Yes, Stand fully supports controllers; you can use a controller or a keyboard and mouse as the input method.

Can I add money with Stand?

Yes, there are methods to add money with Stand;

  • Rig Slot Machines; R* restricts this to about GTA$ 50,000,000 every 24 hours, but they are unable to fully patch it because of the element of chance. We do not recommend using this money method if you have used or are using other menus on your account because they are quick to ban you for making money using this method if your account has anti-cheat flags. To avoid temporarily losing access to the slot machines, you should also lose a few times after each win.
  • Selling Vehicles; You can use Stand's "Gift Spawned Vehicle" feature on yourself to obtain some great automotive assets. However, it is recommended to not sell more than 7 cars per 24 hours.
  • Cayo Perico Heist; Stands "Quick Progress" choices make it simple to set up this robbery, and using the movement options or simple teleportation to complete the theft will be simple as well.

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Have more questions? Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer any other questions that you might have.