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The Biggest Update To The North Mod Menu

Published at 1/21/23, 3:16 AM

The North mod menu is a popular tool among players of the popular game Grand Theft Auto V. The latest version, 2.0.0, was released on January 20th, 2023 and brings a plethora of new features and additions to the mod menu.

One of the major additions in this update is the inclusion of Remote Kick and Remote Crash options. These allow players to kick or crash other players in the game, providing a new level of mischief and chaos to the game.

Another major addition is the player customization options, which include infinite stamina, the ability to make the player wet, hit the vape, respawn, adjust local opacity, shrink, and remove the player's helmet. Additionally, there are new options for services, such as disabling service timeouts, unlocking various services, phone requests, and more.

The movement options have also been expanded, with the addition of task jump tunables, beast jump, combat roll, and no fall anim. Players can also customize their wardrobe with DLC, cloud, and disk outfits, as well as an outfit visualizer.

The network options have also been enhanced, with the ability to start various events, such as CEO missions, challenges, and random events. There are also new notifications, such as vote kicks, host kicks, and model changes. The toolkit has been expanded with options to mark sessions as visible, set the game mode, max joinable slots, max SCTV slots, and more. Additionally, there are new spoofing options, such as spawn flash and model options.

The recovery options have been expanded with the ability to adjust nightclub popularity, LSCM rank, and reset mission cooldowns. The protection options have also been expanded, with options for presence and RCE.

The players menu has been expanded, with options to bypass voice send and receive proximity, save vehicles, show profile, and various kicks and crashes. Additionally, there are new friendly and annoying options, such as sending muggers, mercenaries, and suicide bombers.

Overall, the North mod menu 2.0.0 brings a wealth of new options and features to the game, providing players with even more ways to customize and manipulate their gameplay experience.