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Kiddions Mod Menu: The Best Free Mod Menu

Published at 3/30/23, 8:13 PM

The Kiddions Mod Menu has been under development for quite some time as a research project, primarily created for the developers personal use. However, recognizing its potential to enhance gameplay for others, Kiddion has decided to share this work-in-progress mod with the public.

Featuring Unique and Useful Capabilities

The mod menu includes several standard features found in most mod menus. Still, Kiddion's primary focus has been on integrating unique elements that make gameplay more enjoyable. The most notable feature is the built-in online vehicle spawner (external), which allows for quick access to various Contact/Interaction Menu options. Additionally, Lua scripting provides access to game engine global registers, script locals, stats, and options for peds, vehicles, and weapons. This mod is entirely external, meaning it does not rely on any in-game natives.

How to Use the Kiddions Mod Menu

  1. Launch GTA V and wait for the game to load fully.
  2. Start the mod.
  3. Read the disclaimer.
  4. Use the default keys to navigate and interact with the mod menu.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Kiddion has provided an extensive FAQ section addressing various topics. A few key points include:

  • Anti-virus compatibility: The mod menu may trigger some anti-virus software due to its key-press detection and memory manipulation. However, the mod has been manually reviewed and deemed safe by a forum's file moderator.
  • Numpad issues: Ensure Numlock is enabled if the numpad keys are not working.
  • Online usage: Some functions of the mod menu work only when online.
  • Custom teleport locations: Add your custom teleport locations using "Add Current Location" in the Teleport => Custom Locations menu, then save the new locations using "Save Config" in the Menu Settings.
  • Money options: The mod primarily focuses on enhancing gameplay rather than providing quick money. However, several options can help players earn extra cash, such as upgrading NPC money pickups, increasing mission rewards, and reducing cooldowns on certain missions.


The Kiddions Mod Menu aims to enhance the regular gameplay of GTA V by offering unique and enjoyable features. While still a work in progress, its current capabilities make it a valuable addition to the game for players looking for something new and exciting. As updates continue to roll out, we can expect even more fascinating features and improvements to the mod menu. Remember to consult the comprehensive FAQ section before posting questions or reporting issues, as many topics have already been addressed by Kiddion.

Download Kiddions


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