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New Taxi Business in GTA Online: Is it Worth It?

Published at 1/21/23, 11:44 AM

Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer component of the popular video game franchise Grand Theft Auto, has recently introduced a new feature that allows players to take the role of a taxi driver. This new feature, known as the taxi business, offers players the opportunity to earn additional income by transporting customers around the virtual city of Los Santos. But is it any good?

To start the taxi business, players must first head over to the downtown Cab Company, located beside the casino. This location may be familiar to players who have completed the game's story mode as Franklin, as it is a location that can be purchased in the game. Once players arrive at the downtown Cab Company, they will see a sign that says "visit the downtown cab company to access new taxi work."

Starting the GTA Online Taxi Business

However, players should be aware that the taxi work is not available for those who are part of an organization or motorcycle club in the game. This is an interesting limitation, as it suggests that the developers did not want players to be able to use the taxi business in conjunction with other criminal activities in the game.

When players access the taxi work, they will be given a fare and a destination to drive the passenger to. Successfully completing multiple fares without a break will increase the rewards, allowing players to earn more money for each fare. As players complete more fares, the amount earned per fare will go up by $100 until the maximum tip amount of $1,930 is reached. This means that players can earn around $2,000 per fare.

Picking up passengers in GTA Online

However, players should be aware that the taxi may become damaged after completing multiple fares, and the overall pay is not significant. Additionally, players can buy the taxi itself, but it is not recommended as it is not necessary and the cost is high at $650,000. However, if a player does buy the taxi, it can be requested through Pegasus as a personal vehicle.

Overall, the taxi business in Grand Theft Auto Online is not a very great way to make money, but it can be a fun and new way to experience the game. Players who enjoy driving and want to try something different from the games typical criminal activities may find the taxi business to be enjoyable. And it will also help players to earn some extra cash which can be used for purchasing other vehicles, weapons or properties. But for those who are looking to make serious money, it is likely that they will want to look elsewhere. The taxi business is a nice addition to the game, but it is not a game-changer in terms of earning potential.