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Top 3 Best GTA V Mod Menus in 2024

Published at 4/26/24, 2:52 PM

The world of GTA Online mod menus is ever-changing, making it vital to stay informed on the latest and greatest options.  If you're looking to enhance your gameplay in 2024, here's our rundown of the top 3 contenders:

1. Lexis

Lexis reigns supreme as the top GTA Online mod menu in 2024. It boasts an unmatched range of features, from the essentials like money drops and level boosts, to the truly entertaining ability to load custom characters and vehicles or even teleport your entire lobby.  The cherry on top? It's incredibly affordable at just $20, making it perfect for both seasoned modders and newcomers.

2. North

A two-year veteran, North remains a reliable choice, especially if you favor a classic click-based interface. It packs a punch with a wealth of features, reliable protections against other modders, and powerful money recovery options. While it leans towards the pricier side at $25 and updates haven't been as frequent lately, North is still a solid option.

3. Infamous

Infamous, a relative newcomer, has quickly established itself as a serious contender. It's loaded with exciting features for those seeking pure fun, but it may fall short for advanced users in need of more sophisticated tools. Additionally, its protections could use some strengthening.

Making the Right Choice

The best mod menu for you depends on your priorities and experience level:

  • Best Overall: Lexis offers unbeatable value and features.
  • Classic Experience: North is perfect if you like a familiar UI.
  • Fun-Focused: Infamous is great if you mainly want playful additions.

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