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10 Iconic Features Removed from GTA Online Over the Years

Published at 3/26/23, 4:08 AM

We are diving into the world of Grand Theft Auto Online and taking a trip down memory lane to reminisce about some of the most iconic features that Rockstar removed from the game over the years. If you are a new player, you probably did not even know these existed, and if you're a long-time player, you might find yourself missing these features. So, let's get started with our list of 10 iconic features that were removed from GTA Online.

Armored Trucks

Back in 2013, the first free mode events featured armored trucks, with cash up for grabs. Players would flock to these trucks to claim their share of the money. Unfortunately, these trucks were removed due to modders abusing the system.

Johnny on the Spot Mechanic

In the early days of GTA Online, your mechanic would physically drive your car to your location, making the game feel more realistic. However, this feature was removed due to its buggy nature and the odd behavior of the mechanic.

Giving Cash to Friends

You used to be able to give your friends way more cash than you can now. This feature was removed, likely because it didn't help with Shark Card sales and was heavily abused by modders and glitchers.

Crate Drops

Crate drops used to randomly spawn around the map, containing ammo, RP, and other items. This feature was removed and replaced with the ability to call in crates from NPCs like Franklin.

Betting on Races

Initially, players could bet up to $10,000 on anyone to win a race. This led to massive winnings and was removed quickly, with the maximum bet being capped at $1,000.

Ground Fireworks

In addition to the firework launcher, players could also buy ground fireworks from Ammu-Nation. This feature was removed, possibly due to bugs.

Removed Missions

Over the years, some iconic missions, like the ATV Steel Mission and Rooftop Rumble, were removed from the game. The reason for their removal remains unclear, but they are still missed by the community.

Old Character Creator

The character creator in GTA Online underwent a complete overhaul when the game was ported to PS4 and Xbox One. The old creator allowed players to customize their character's lifestyle, which was replaced by a more straightforward stat assignment system.

Distract Cop Missions from Lester

Players used to be able to call Lester to distract the cops and earn $10,000. With the introduction of heavily armored vehicles, this mission became obsolete and was removed from the game.

Initial Death Cutscene

The first time a player died in GTA Online, an iconic cutscene would play. However, this cutscene was removed when the game was added to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.


Over the years, GTA Online has evolved and changed, with many iconic features being removed or replaced. While some of these changes were necessary for the game's development, we can't help but feel nostalgic for the experiences that defined the early days of GTA Online. Here's to hoping that some of these features might make a return in future updates or installments of the game.